• Amazing programming to help you RELEASE your shit, RECLAIM your power, and REWILD as your full potential!
  • Plenty of time to yoga, meditate, dance, float on our own private stretch of river, hike in the breathtaking red rocks, journal, nap, eat, laugh, what more do you really need??
  • We will also have all of the fun of SUMMER CAMP! So lots of fun activities to make you feel young and revitalized.
  • Several full group healing sessions to MOVE that energy!
  • Bonus this year for Energy Practitioners and Life Coaches! Get certified in FLOW! Alignment with Abundance. Add this certification to your practice to help you work at the deeper levels around aligning with Source energy and the frequency of money and vitality. Learn to use the Alchemical process to unmask the unconscious blockages around money, abundance, vitality, and Self-worth!

Join us for this ALL INCLUSIVE experience in SEDONA AZ! Sept 9-12 2022!

Prices are per person. Every room has 2 single beds that can be pushed together to make a king. So bring a partner, find a friend, or book your bed and you will be bunked up in true SUMMER CAMP fashion (with all the bougie comfort of course).

Your deposit of $500 reserves your spot today (nonrefundable). 4 Payments of $515 will be billed monthly starting in May.